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My Bad

Apologies for the absence of posting lately. Life has been very busy lately. Quick updates – I passed my online blood bank class and certification test, so yay for that.  🙂  My wife ended up injuring her shoulder bad enough to require surgery, so boo for that.   😦  Most of my time recently has been filled up by doing all of the driving around for the kids, going to work, and sleeping when possible (which has not been much).

But don’t worry… I’m still here. I haven’t disappeared. And when I have a good amount of time to put together a proper post, I will. Thanks for your patience!!!

Top 13 of ’13


Coming to you a little late this year, but better late then never. Right?


Whew… tough room.

For your reading pleasure, the 13 best posts of 2013!

13. My Autism Theory (7/27/13) – my crackpot theory about what causes autism

12. Triggers (3/10/13) – the little things that cause big meltdowns

11. My Nemesis (2/13/13) – a coworker of mine WON’T STOP TALKING.

10. Aspie Evolution (5/25/13) – looking at Aspergers as an evolutionary advantage.

9. I Don’t Get It (6/22/13) – I completely miss the point of a joke

8. Autism and Bullying (11/17/13) – avoiding the pitfalls of bullying with your autistic child

7. Fancy NOT Meeting You Here (9/3/13) – I avoid a co-worker in the supermarket

6. An Aspie and a Funeral (7/21/13) – I am extremely confused while attending a funeral

5.  Fighting for… a Cure? (1/17/13) – is autism a disease that can be cured?

4. Bad News is Bad (10/5/13) – I can’t handle hearing bad news from others

3. This is My Aspergers (8/13/13) – the history of my aspergers

2. Family Business (10/13/13) – trying to build an emotional bond with my children

1. What Does Aspergers Feel Like? (7/7/13) – a detailed look at what my Aspergers feels like

If I missed your favorite, please mention it in the comments section.

Happy New Year!!