Top 13 of ’13


Coming to you a little late this year, but better late then never. Right?


Whew… tough room.

For your reading pleasure, the 13 best posts of 2013!

13. My Autism Theory (7/27/13) – my crackpot theory about what causes autism

12. Triggers (3/10/13) – the little things that cause big meltdowns

11. My Nemesis (2/13/13) – a coworker of mine WON’T STOP TALKING.

10. Aspie Evolution (5/25/13) – looking at Aspergers as an evolutionary advantage.

9. I Don’t Get It (6/22/13) – I completely miss the point of a joke

8. Autism and Bullying (11/17/13) – avoiding the pitfalls of bullying with your autistic child

7. Fancy NOT Meeting You Here (9/3/13) – I avoid a co-worker in the supermarket

6. An Aspie and a Funeral (7/21/13) – I am extremely confused while attending a funeral

5.  Fighting for… a Cure? (1/17/13) – is autism a disease that can be cured?

4. Bad News is Bad (10/5/13) – I can’t handle hearing bad news from others

3. This is My Aspergers (8/13/13) – the history of my aspergers

2. Family Business (10/13/13) – trying to build an emotional bond with my children

1. What Does Aspergers Feel Like? (7/7/13) – a detailed look at what my Aspergers feels like

If I missed your favorite, please mention it in the comments section.

Happy New Year!!

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