Don’t Sweat the Incredibly Large Important Stuff


It’s kind of funny how my brain processes stress. I don’t know if it’s my Aspieness or just the way I am, but I seem to be somewhat immune to the rising pressure of a life or death situation.

This actually comes in handy at work. In my job, one mistake can literally kill a person. Sure, there are quality checks in place to prevent this from happening, but the checks are not perfect. The fact remains – I could seriously harm or kill a person with a mistake as small as a typo. And, oh yeah, I almost forgot… in certain situations, if I don’t work quick enough, someone might die as well. So pretty much every day, lives depend on my ability to be fast and accurate with my work. Can you imagine if every time you got the wrong order at the drive through window, you ended up dead?

Now here’s the funny thing: it doesn’t bother me in the least. I actually find myself strangely energized when I’m thrusted into those types of high pressure situations. I excel, I succeed, and dare I say it… I have fun. It’s not that I don’t understand the severity of the events. I just know I’m that damn good at my job to handle even the heaviest situation.

Ironically, it’s the smaller things that tend to drive me crazy. Situations that would seem insignificant to you end up tying me in knots: if my wife sends me to the store to get a specific item and it’s sold out, if I misplace something and can’t find it, or if I start to cook something and I’m missing an ingredient. Just the other day, I threw a tantrum because I couldn’t get the Food Saver to work properly while trying to prep meat for the freezer.


But seriously… I find it fascinating that I can keep it together at work when someone’s life hangs in the balance, yet completely lose my shit in the face of freezer burn.

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  1. That’s interesting. I love the picture of Fry! lol

  2. I’m also rather like this. I’ll slug on in the face of the biggest of crises but completely lose it over little things. Sometimes that’s a powerful plus, when others have lost the plot I’ll be keeping my cool & working out a solution – just don’t break my train of thought pestering me about how it’s going, the answer will come when I call you to do your bit or see the problem solved.

    It also reminds me of another aspect of me to which I could also apply “I don’t know if it’s my Aspieness or just the way I am” & that’s with emotions. I seldom find tears for myself even in the most terrible life events. When my father, the most precious man in my life who was very close to, died I had no tears. Not then, not viewing his body in the funeral home, not at his wake. When the house I lived in burned down I had no tears. I was away from home, at my sister’s 21st birthday, & I just quiety withdrew from the party. Although when someone complained tom me about the slowness of a car being moved because they waned to go home I blew a valve & ripped them a new one with some choice words about it being good to have a home to go to. The flipside is that I can get quite emotional about things in film, TV & books, or the real tragedies of others. I can also get emotional about the little things that wouldn’t upset most others.

    & thanks for blogrolling me 🙂

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