Hi, Nice to Meet You. By the Way, I Have Aspergers.

Being an Aspie, I find it very difficult to decide when is the right time for “full disclosure” when meeting new people – by which I mean mentioning my Aspergers. Bringing it up too early may seem weird, or it may even sound like I’m trying to make an excuse. Saying it too late may leave a lot of odd behaviors unexplained.

My wife and I were talking with one of the other moms while waiting to pick my son up at preschool, which means my wife was talking with one of the other moms while I stood next to her silently nodding my head every so often. My attention happens to tune in when they begin talking about the challenges of parenting a child with Aspergers – her son, who was in the same preschool as my son, has Aspergers. Almost immediately and without thinking, I nearly blurt out “I have Aspergers, too!!!”

I somehow managed not to make myself look silly, and once I figured out that my Aspie-ness has nothing to do with parenting and Aspie, I figured I was better off not opening my mouth. But it got me thinking about how to approach the issue when meeting someone new. I guess it should just come up naturally in conversation, but (unless this is your first time visiting my blog) you should know by now that the words “conversation” and “naturally” don’t play well together in my world.


Posted on October 15, 2012, in Aspergers, Social Anxiety. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Well, if it comes up again, maybe you can let her know that you and one of your kids both have it, so if she ever needs someone to talk to about it, you and your family understand what she's working with. 🙂

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