Like I’m Not Even There

I will admit that, as an Aspie, I very often come up with overly-elaborate ideas. Sometimes these ideas are a little too complex for their own good. But every once in a while, I come up with a really good thought that will help in a difficult situation.

More often than not, nobody pays attention.

Last week, the maintenance department was waxing the floors in my department. I work in a place where, at a moment’s notice, you may have to use just about any and every part of the room. Shutting down part of the department to allow floor wax to dry just won’t work, so we try to work around it. Things were going smoothly until it came time to wax this one area which involves a thin hallway-like area.

I began discussing with my coworkers what would be the best way to tackle this area. I started brainstorming about only waxing halfway down the hallway so we could access the other half. Then I came up with the idea that we should wax half of the hallway lengthwise, allowing us to walk down the entire hallway and access anything we would need on either side with an arm’s reach.

AWESOME! I figured it out!!!

The next day, they are waxing the entire hallway all at once.
And, of course it’s a problem when an emergency arises and we need to get down that hallway.

Yeah. Thanks for listening.

Not to have a big ego or anything, I have Aspergers. People with Aspergers LOOOOOOVE to brainstorm about seemingly unimportant things like this: the most time efficient way to peel an apple, the scientifically perfect color for a certain wall. My brain WANTS to find the best way to wax the floor.

And it’s good at it, too! Once again, not to have a big ego… but I’m smarter than you. My idea is a great idea. Did you even think before you started waxing?


I’ve tried hard to be okay with not being listened to, but it’s difficult when I KNOW FOR SURE that my idea is better than whatever is being done. But if I’m not in charge, the best I can do is state my opinion and go back to taking care of what I’m responsible for.


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  1. This happens to me almost all of the time. It makes me so very angry a lot of the time when people don't listen to me when I know I have a good idea about something, or I'm telling them the how to do something because I know for sure that what I'm saying is right.

  2. I feel your pain. Like people get mad at me when I try to tell them that there is a better way to fix your computer or get it to run faster and they throw it back in my face, even though they know I'm good with computers! It's insane.

  3. It is the most, irritating thing – ever! I stand there thinking, “How stupid and/or lazy can you be?! It’s a simple solution!” Then, I say, “I must be overthinking it.” I wouldn’t be the first person to accuse me of such. Then, I go home and brood about it for days, until I’m beating myself up for annoying my family so much.

    I mean, why would you not want to ensure work place safety? Why would you not want to have a balanced budget that is based on ALL the factors? [Excuse me, but no, you didn’t generate that amount of revenue this year in your department. My department along with 3 others, absorbed all the expenses for product, overhead and labor. That means you generated an incredible $2000 this year. Excellent work. Carl Icahn would be proud. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to take a look at the spreadsheet I created for you? I only spent 5 HOURS ON IT. I made 2 different versions for you, hoping that 1 would be simple enough for you to understand. No? Not at all? Not even a peek? Okay. I guess we will keep undercharging for events, because thats what we do – status quo.] There’s nothing special to see here, folks. Keep on moving…

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