Dunkin Donuts Ruins My Day

What a bunch of crap.

I had a light lunch the other day, so I decided to grab a snack at Dunkin Donuts (there is one right in the building where I work, which is AWESOME). I have a few coupons I can’t decide between, so I grab them all and head on over.

I decide I want to use my “99c muffin with a medium beverage” coupon, because I love the chocolate chip muffins. As I head up to the counter, I notice…. no chocolat chip muffins. They don’t even have my fallback option – the cinnamon roll muffin. All I see is pumpkin muffins (WTF is up with that anyway?) and corn muffins (bleh).

Ok, so muffins are out. I shuffle through my coupons and settle on “free hash browns with a breakfast combo” coupon (DD hashbrowns are soooo good). I ask the guy behind the counter if the coupon works with any of the combos on the menu, and he says yes. Excellent, because I like the 2-donut combo but I don’t like any of the breakfast sandwiches. So, of course, when I ask for the 2-donut combo, he tells me that I can’t use the coupon with that combo; Just the breakfast sandwhich ones count.

Uhhhh, ok. I just asked about that and you said yes, but whatever.
(Inside, I’m getting really pissed, but I’m handling it)

So I say screw the coupons and just get the combo anyway. I order my coffee the way I always do – medium iced coffee, cream, 8 splenda (yes, I know… get off my back, ok?). Oops!!! They are out of splenda.

They are out of splenda.



… is what I wanted to say. Instead, I just said fine, whatever. I usually keep a stash of splenda in the break room at work for when I make coffee. I grab my stuff and sulk back to work.

When I get back, I find my splenda stash is gone, used up by either me or my coworkers.


My Aspergers causes me to like certain specific things in specific ways. When I can’t get my way with things I’m accustomed to having my way with, I get very crabby. And this ruined my day in such a spectacular fashion. I was able to find 5 splenda in my bag. I used those and added some sugar free caramel CoffeeMate for sweetness, but I needed to add 2 sugars to make it drinkable.

At least the donuts were yummy.


Posted on January 11, 2012, in Aspergers. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I totally understand. I think you handled it quite well. There's a good possibility that I would have A. cried after leaving B. Waited for something else to happen an hour or so later then melted like no tomorrow in a way that is TOTALLY disproportionate to the situation. Or at the least would've been in the worst mood the rest of the day.

  2. OMG, dude. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!!!! I LOVE the way you write. LOLI've also got AS and I have 2 kids w/ AS. I blog about it here http://parentingwithaspergers.blogspot.com/I need to read your blog more often. It's GREAT!

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