Waiting is the Hardest Part

One thing I have major difficulties with is having to wait behind someone who is slower than me. Whether it’s in line at the grocery store, or driving, or even just walking down a hall – I simply hate to wait. I hate it so much, it actually causes me anxiety and physical stress when I have to.

It’s not really the waiting that hurts; I don’t waiting for a doctor’s appointment or even sitting in traffic. What hurts the most is the feeling that I’m wasting time. If the slower person would either speed up or get out of the way and let me pass, we would all be able to finish whatever we were doing faster. It’s the sin of inefficiency that kills me.

But even that’s not it. Even when I am in no rush to get anywhere, I find it almost impossible to submit to another person’s pace. Walking into work today, I was a few minutes early. Instead of waiting to punch in at the time clock (MORE WAITING?!?!?!?), I decided to soak up the extra time by walk a bit slower than usual. Even at my leisurely pace, I ended up catching up to a slow walker. I forced myself to slow down and had to grit my teeth for the next two minutes to keep myself from passing her. It was torture.

I think it’s the idea of wasting anything in general – time, energy, money, etc. I hate the idea of wasting anything because once you waste something, it’s gone. I hate wrong turns because they waste gas. I hate forgetting to turn something off because it wastes electricity.

Do I hate this blog because I think it’s a waste of my time? I don’t think so.  🙂


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