Wanna Fight About It?

You people argue over the strangest things.

I will freely admit that I obsess over certain things. My passion for video games and fantasy football outweighs the capacity of interest of any normal man on this planet. But some of you people are passionate about subjects that are equally as strange, to the point that you are willing to start fights over them.

I know two people who got into a screaming match because one person was planning on buying the same car that the other one had just bought a month earlier. I’ve seen a couple argue over the correct way to stir a drink in a restaurant. I’ve been a witness to heated discussions attempting to assign blame over a lost game of Pictionary.

And I’m the one who is supposed to have the social skills of a child?

Two of my coworkers who were once good friends are no longer speaking to each other because one of them used the other’s favorite name for their newborn baby. If these people were related, I understand why this could be a source of contention – it would make things a little strange at family events and stuff. This has happened a few times in my family. I get it.

But theses two people are not related. These kids (one of which is still only a hypothetical kid) will never meet each other at a family reunion or wedding or anything like that. They will most likely never have to deal with each other. So what’s the big freaking deal? It’s almost as if these two women saw that episode of Seinfeld with the name Seven and figured that real life must be like that. Sounds very Asperger-ish to me.


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